Author of the Afterlife

Hello, New Fans and those curious about the afterlife!

I am Nicholas McGirr, author/podcaster/blogger and Ghost Hunting guide on the cobblestone streets of Charleston. I have seven fiction works available (which you can find in the menu) and I also host a podcast titled “Stories in the Cemetery”.

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Haunted Locations

For inspiration, I visit haunted locations and explore the histories of people and their families. With the research from these haunted locations along with all things paranormally afterlife, I created my podcast and write the show notes in my blog.

“Stories in the Cemetery” Podcast hosted by Anchor. Listen on your favorite podcatcher! Photography and Logo courtesy of “Photography and Design by April McGirr”

Join me in exploring afterlife possibilities

I am Nicholas McGirr, a.k.a. Nick Knight. I, like you, am fascinated with the great unknown question of what lies beyond the grave. Join me in exploring all the possibilities of what only our ancestors know where the truth lies.

I hold a BA in English, another BA in Journalism and currently working on my MFA in Creative Writing. Along with my seven published titles, I have been a music critic, ghostwriter, musician, and a vinyl record collector.



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