Author of the Afterlife

cropped-Growing-Dim-HeadshotI am Nicholas McGirr, author/blogger/podcaster and tour guide in downtown Charleston. I am the host of Stories in the Cemetery, the Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience, a ghost hunting walking tour on the streets of Charleston. Explore my case studies that inspire my fiction work below, or you can navigate through the menu above.



Paranormal Case Studies

South Carolina

Alice Flagg  

Hatcher Cemetery w/Audio

Brentwood Restaurant: An Initial Haunting

Who is haunting Litchfield Plantation?

Spirit Shoes at Old Sheldon Church

Hauntings at Fort Fremont Preserve

USS Yorktown Tour

Charleston’s Old Jail

Philadelphia Alley

Dock Street Theatre

Pinckney Mansion Site

Swamp Fox Ghost Town

Shadows of a Swinging Corpse: The Wagener Building

Inside the Julia Legare Tomb

Silence in White Point Gardens

Magnolia Cemetery

A Piratey Powder Magazine?

Called out at the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

Hollowed at Halfway Creek Church


The Foley House Inn

Stories at the Sorrel-Weed House

Paranormal Equipment

How to Use a Laser Grid Pen in your Paranormal Investigation

EMF Detectors

Spirit Boxes

Paranormal Subjects

Cartomancy: What does your future hold?

Can Dogs See Spirits?

The Oddity of Orbs

sitc (1)
“Stories in the Cemetery” Podcast hosted by Anchor. Listen on your favorite podcatcher! Photography and Logo courtesy of “Photography and Design by April McGirr”


Join me in exploring afterlife possibilities

I am Nicholas McGirr, a.k.a. Nick Knight. I, like you, am fascinated with the great unknown question of what lies beyond the grave. Join me in exploring all the possibilities of what only our ancestors know where the truth lies.

I hold a BA in English, another BA in Journalism, and currently working on my MFA in Creative Writing. Along with my seven published titles, I have been a music critic, ghostwriter, musician, and a vinyl record collector.

Halloween Party Costume

4 thoughts on “Author of the Afterlife

  1. We appreciate you this excellent writeup. This in truth once was a fun accounts the idea.. abandoned places Look difficult so that you can more announced flexible on your part! On the other hand, just how may possibly many of us be in contact?


  2. Good morning Nick… our tour was awesome last night (July 1) and seeing new places of history that are gone now is so exciting!!! I want to send you my photos and I will need your info to text them to you.
    Thank you and keep up the wonderful tours!!


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