Byron by Nick Knight

You can find all my works on, but if you want signed copies, this is the place to be! And if you order a copy of Byron, it comes Pawtographed!!

You can visit my store to purchase any signed copies. Otherwise, please visit your favorite book retailer’s website to order a copy.


Byron by Nick Knight

Each copy is $15 and comes autographed by the author and “pawtographed” by Byron himself.


Byron by Nick Knight $15 Signed/Pawtographed copy

Rick Montgomery attempted suicide one last time and failed. His life then takes a turn when he meets Julie at a dog park. As Julie begins to fall for Rick, they also become best friends. Julie gets him a dappled dachshund to help with his suicidal tendencies. Rick names his dog Byron and they soon realize that Byron is Rick’s spirit animal that allows him to visit the afterlife.
Meanwhile, Julie’s daughter, Amelia is away at college struggling with her childhood disappearance that left her parents divorced and questioned unanswered. Can Rick pick up the missing pieces of Amelia’s missing childhood with his abilities to visit the afterlife? Find out how Byron changed all their lives in this supernatural fantasy.

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