Crossman McKnight Series

Book One: Growing Dim by Nicholas McGirr $10 Signed Copy

Crossman McKnight is the drummer for the band, The Growing Dim Project. What he doesn’t realize is that by piecing this band together he is bound to the Fates to take over the throne to the Underworld. As Crossman begins to realize that Greek Mythology characters are real entities, The Shade is plotting to pass the robe to Crossman to reign the Underworld. Crossman’s adventures with Lenny and Jessica will show him that he should’ve believed that reality is what was taught as myth.


This is a Greek Mythology tale for adolescents to adults.Growing Dim Cover

“Great character development. Written from many characters points of view, without being confusing. Was a great way to meet each character.” –from Amazon Reviews

Book One: Growing Dim


Book Two: Book of Joel by Nicholas McGirr $10.99 Signed Copy


As Crossman takes on his new role in the Afterworld, he makes his first enemy, Satantho. Crossman realizes he needs to build a new cabinet and finds Joel, a jazz radio station owner. Joel lives a normal life on earth, going to work every day managing his radio station. Joel discovers Jessica, Crossman’s love on earth, during an interview and hires her right away. Jessica awakens Joel’s abilities and then is caught in a deep trance where she enters Satantho’s grasp in the pits of Hell. Can Joel save her? Will Joel’s abilities be enough to be part of Crossman’s new Cabinet?

Joel and Crossman now need to band together to save Jessica from Satantho’s rule. It could mean the end of both worlds, earth and the Afterworld as Satantho is looking to start a war. The War of Eyes is underway, but Crossman has other plans.

Read Book of Joel, as Crossman’s adventures as a ruler of the Afterworld unfold in this next exciting chapter of the afterlife.

“Second book in the series. I liked seeing what happens to Cross and Jessica. And the Book of Joel Frontintroduction of new characters. Can’t wait to read the final book!” –from Amazon Reviews.

Book Two: Book of Joel