Stories in the Cemetery: An Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience

On top of being a full-time author/blogger/podcaster, I also host tours of downtown Charleston under the same title as my podcast, “Stories in the Cemetery”. But this is no ordinary tour!

On my tours, you’ll get the opportunity to use ghost hunting tools of the trade like:

  • EMF Detector: looking for spikes in spirit activity.
  • Grid Pen: These are great for capturing true apparitions that we cannot see with the naked eye.
  • Ambient Thermometer: What’s a ghost hunt without cold spots? This thermometer allows you to gauge the air temperature. I’ve thoroughly tested this device and it can detect different temperatures within inches!
    • Infrared Thermometer: This temperature gauge allows you to see the temperature of objects from a distance to get us exploring further!
    • Spirit Box: Communicating with spirits is a great way for you to hear the message that the ghosts of Charleston are trying to convey.
  • Digital Voice Recorder: I record the entire experience and then upload the audio for you to hear at your convenience. This also extends our research to listen for EVP’s, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

During your tour, you’ll also hear some obscure ghost tales of the locations we’ll fully investigate or new locations that will lead us on the tour. For each location, I’ve thoroughly investigated and have received some type of paranormal evidence through one of the above devices. Granted, some of the activity has already been debunked and new evidence on your tour will go through a debunking process as well.

You’ll hear tales of:

This Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience is perfect for:

  • Tourists through Charleston looking for a memorable experience!
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday Gift
  • Current Paranormal Researchers looking for new material
  • Families
  • Locals looking for new haunted ghost stories!

There are several ways to book tickets and secure your spot. Keep in mind that the max for one single tour is 20 ghost hunters. Tours over 20 will be split into multiple tours.

Use code “Cemetery” when booking for $2 off each ticket. Only one discount can be used at a time.

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Can’t make the tour but want to contribute to my research and studies? That’s okay! You can

Buy Me A Coffee

to keep me fueled and ready! Your contribution to my craft is absolutely appreciated!

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