Stories in the Cemetery: An Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience

Welcome to the Stories in the Cemetery: An Interactive Ghost Hunting Experience. This is a 90 minute to two hour walking tour through downtown Chareleston, SC. This is a family friendly event that invites you to search for true paranormal evidence as you explore the hidden ghost stories in one of the most haunted locations in America.

5 Star Review from Trip Advisor:

“I’ve done ghost tours in several cities and this was by far the best. You use real ghost hunting equipment to try and collect evidence as Nick leads you around haunted Charleston spots. Way more fun than a normal tour where they just tell you old stories. Would definitely go again.” –Andrew, Trip Advisor Customer

My group getting a lesson on the paranormal equipment.

Real Paranormal Tools of the Trade

During your experience, you’ll get the opportunity to use ghost hunting tools of the trade like:

  • FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera: Someone in your party will be a camera-person as they record thermal images looking for spirit activity.

  • EMF Detector: looking for spikes in spirit activity and communicating with the dead.

  • Grid Pen: These are great for capturing true apparitions that we cannot see with the naked eye.

  • Ambient Thermometer: What’s a ghost hunt without cold spots? This thermometer allows you to gauge the air temperature. I’ve thoroughly tested this device and it can detect different temperatures within inches!

  • Infrared Thermometer: This temperature gauge allows you to see the temperature of objects from a distance to get us exploring further!

  • Spirit Box: Communicating with spirits is a great way for you to hear the message that the ghosts of Charleston are trying to convey.

  • Digital Voice Recorder: I record the entire experience and then upload the audio for you to hear at your convenience. This also extends our research to listen for EVP’s, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

5 star review from Trip Advisor:
We had a great time with Nick on this tour. He made the experience fun, interactive and shared both well-known and lesser-known stories of Charleston’s paranormal history. Nick made sure to involve every person in our ghost hunt, and we had some interesting experiences. My 12 year old daughter loved it as well – Being directly involved and feeling part of something was a great way to engage her in something new. She’s even considering a future in ghost hunting! 😄” —Lynne, Trip Advisor Customer
Outside of the St. Philip’s Cemetery


You’ll hear tales of:

5 star review from Peek:

“Had a great time on the tour with Nick. He was informative and entertaining, and getting to actually use some of the equipment made the tour even better. We have been on several of the “other guy’s” tours when we were in Charleston before, but this was a much better experience.”–Jonathan, Peek Customer

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5 Star Review from Peek:

“It was a very interesting experience and different than any other yours I have taken. Nick was very good, love the use of ghost hunting equipment. Learned a lot about the history of Charleston. Nick went into a lot of details about the people who had died and about the apparitions that have appeared there through the years. It was a very detailed your and everyone in the your had a chance to participate.”–Sheila, Peek Customer

Souvenirs for your tour:

As a thank you for touring with Stories in the Cemetery, you’ll receive the following evidence from your tour to further explore:

  • Full Audio: I record your entire experience with a digital voice recorder. This allows you to download the full audio (or just listen online) to search for EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) or to just hear the stories I tell during your experience.

  • Full Thermal Imaging Camera Video: A guest in your party will use the thermal imaging camera to record the entire event. The FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera also records audio which could reveal EVP’s not caught on the digital voice recorder. The video is uploaded to my YouTube Channel and on the Tour Evidence page, so all the evidence from your experience is one location.

  • List of words from Spirit Box: I use a spirit box app on my mobile device which will record all words said through the device. I then upload those words to your evidence page and highlight relevant terms to your experience.

  • A short analysis of my findings is also provided with any relevant links for you to prove your paranormal activity that YOU caught using my devices.

To see an example of an evidence page, please visit Tour Evidence for June, 2020.


“This was a great experience. We had a great time, and Nicholas was fun to talk to during the tour. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in this type of thing.” –Donnie, Groupon Customer

I have taken several ghost tours in Charleston before, and this was by far the most fun. You get the historical facts, a beautiful walk through historical Charleston and the immersive experience. We had the best time!” –Alexis, Trip Advisor Customer
Had a great time on Nick’s tour! Loved all his ghostly facts and the interactive part of the tour. We had some interesting activity along the way!” –Ray Ray, Trip Advisor Customer
This was a fun one! Not your run of the mill Ghost tour. Learned actual ghost hunting techniques and had some activity! Guide was fun, taught us a lot and maintained great group dynamics and professionalism despite 1/2 the group being drunk! This is truly a unique and fun experience!” –Eric, Trip Advisor Customer

Tickets sell quickly with COVID-19 restrictions of only 10 per tour. Book in advance to reserve your experience.

Use code “Cemetery” when booking for $2 off each ticket. Only one discount can be used at a time.

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Can’t make the tour but want to contribute to my research and studies? That’s okay! You can

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to keep me fueled and ready! Your contribution to my craft is absolutely appreciated!

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